The Path from Form to Form

Note: Apologies for the image quality, I don’t have a good way to take pictures of physical art (which is one reason why most of the art on this blog is digital). I did this series for my final project in Drawing I during my second year of college. I wanted to depict the way an idea is translated from an initial point of inspiration to an art piece. Each piece is one continuous line.

See/Ballerina I
Birth/ Born Madonna
Form/Little Clay Potter
Iteration/Ballerina II

Twits on Parade (also Shanty Town is on Twitter now I guess)

Note: This image is low resolution and weirdly sized because it was made as a header for the official Shanty Town Twitter. If you can believe it, it’s actually smaller and blurrier on the Twitter page. So that’s just a big load of suck. Anyway, follow the page if you want. I’m talking to you, two people who regularly read this blog.