Come On Down to Shanty Town!

Hello weary, homeless traveler! Welcome to my Shanty Town. Do you enjoy dodging broken glass as you drunkenly traipse to the dump hole at night? Are you a connoisseur of beans that expired in 1904?  Then shamble down to our trash fire, fill your tin cup full of greasy, spit roasted opinions, and lend an ear to some hobo tales o’ derring-do.

I update whenever I can, usually on Fridays. It’ll mostly be short stories, poems, and visual art (digital and ink drawing, collage). If by some miracle you enjoy the content I post on this blog, make sure to leave a comment so everyone can see where you spend your time online for the rest of time. Also, I have a Twitter you can go on if that’s your thing.

I am beginning to dabble in songwriting, and I now also have a SoundCloud for my music endeavors. There’s nothing there yet, but stay tuned. My music project is called Local Color, and I’m working on tracks for an album. I have no idea when I’ll be done with it, but I’ll hopefully be posting some singles within the year. My e-mail is

Artist’s rendering of Shanty Town’s founder/mayor/only resident (me)

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