A Walk in the Shanty Town

Hello, weary, homeless traveler! Welcome to my Shanty Town. Do you enjoy dodging broken glass when you walk to the dump hole at night? Are you a connoisseur of beans that expired in 1904? Do you enjoy bathing in sludge that will make you even more filthy? Then shamble drunkenly down to our trash fire, fill your tin cup full of greasy, spit roasted opinions, and lend an ear to some hobo tales o’ derring-do.

I update whenever I can,but I try to do at least a post a week. Mostly It will be short stories and sketchbook art, but I might occasionally put some poems up or something. In addition, I have a series called Goodwill Reviews in which I review strange, unexplained items from Goodwill like records, statues, figurines, plates, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Most stories here are fictional but the ones in the Nepal Stories section are real accounts from my time living overseas in Nepal.

If by some miracle you enjoy the content I post on this blog and know someone you think will enjoy it (or someone that you absolutely despise), then send them over to my Shanty Town.

Also, I’ve got a storefront on Teepublic  where you can buy a few of the crappy pictures I made in tee-shirt form. You can blanket your cardboard box home with them if nothing else.


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