Some Doodle-Os Vol. 6

Note: This Doodle-O is a little haphazard in the middle because I was trying to flesh out a concept for a while that hasn’t panned out yet. I think the resulting accidentally-dropped-a-few-PNGs-into-the-garbage-disposal effect is pretty neat if I’m being honest, but it is pretty confusing to look at.
The reason they’re thrown in there is that my Surface Pro pen has been kaput for a while and I finally just now got around to ordering a new one, so I had to use some sketches that are even less finished than usual to round this one out. Not that I’m on a time frame or anything, I just wanted to get some of my backlog out in Doodle-O form so I could start moving in some slightly new directions.
Also some of it is blurry for some reason. I have no explanation for that other than to point out that I’m a complete amateur that does all this purely for fun and doesn’t get paid to sort out technical problems. Ok cool see ya

Twits on Parade (also Shanty Town is on Twitter now I guess)

Note: This image is low resolution and weirdly sized because it was made as a header for the official Shanty Town Twitter. If you can believe it, it’s actually smaller and blurrier on the Twitter page. So that’s just a big load of suck. Anyway, follow the page if you want. I’m talking to you, two people who regularly read this blog.